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This is nowhere.

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Hello From Nowhere is a farce/thriller, set in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Two couples are on a camping trip when they meet a stranger. Jason says he’s hiking the Pacific Crest Trail; in truth, he’s a pathological liar and small-time crook who lives in the woods. Desperately lonely, Jason tries to peel someone - anyone - off this group, to live with him. He sees that John and Lanie’s marriage is going stale, and that Denise and her new boyfriend Brendan aren’t exactly suited to one another. Brendan and Lanie are better suited to one another; they were a couple in high school, when they were in a musical together. They’re constantly singing it, to John and Denise’s annoyance. Soon, Jason is singing numbers from Marmaduke Murgatroyd and the Fairy Pirates of Bratvakistan, too. Jason’s plan climaxes during a series of drinking games, when he puts all he’s learned about the couples to work against them. Will John and Lanie get their mojo back? Will Brendan and Denise ever find theirs? Will Jason get some company as he walks the trail, or will his secret be revealed? The questions, recriminations, and catchy melodies multiply until the explosive, symphonic conclusion of Hello From Nowhere.

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